Full length MP3 song: Time To Get On

  1. I Believe
    Up-tempo alternative rock tune featuring the guitar work of David Beldock (Bordertown) and a great flute solor by Chris Klich. All tunes feature Glen Fisher on bass and Paul Kimbarow (A.J. Croce Band) on drums.
  2. Can’t Get Out
    Up tempo anthem for the other woman, with tinges of dobro and pseudo-Cajun piano.
  3. Air
    A lilting ballad about intimacy featuring a soaring solo by David Beldock on guitar.
  4. Beach
    Jazzy medium tempo tune featuring hints of Latin percussion.
  5. Goodbye Song
    Rockin’ blues-based break-up song with a killer horn section featuring April West (Tobacco Road) and Chris Klich.
  6. Valeria
    Sparse piano and voice composition reflecting messages from the past.
  1. Make Me Marilyn
    Reminiscent of a French cabaret, this smoky tune looks at the obsesssion with style over substance.
  2. Time To Get On
    Up-tempo guitar and piano tune about letting go of baggage and getting on with life.
  3. These Days
    Ballad bout love and loss featuring a lush string quartet and cello solo. Recently featured in a documentary on the San Diego Aids Walk.
  4. Juliet/Desire
    A haunting Celtic-inspired song reflecting the pain and triumph of a young victim.
  5. Stranger In This House
    Piano and celtic fiddle with sparse percussion are a great backdrop to this tale of having it all and having nothing at all.
  6. Mystery
    A look at the nature of the spiritual, featuring gospel flavored vocals, a choir and horn section.

Voices in My Head features Laura Preble on vocals and piano; Glen Fisher on bass; Paul Kimbarrow on drums; Chris Klich on flute, clarinet and sax; David Beldock on guitar; Dennis Caplinger on dobro and fiddle; Jeff Berkley and Rio Melendez on percussion. Engineer: Darrell Harvey for Studio West. All music and lyrics written by Laura Preble.