Rave Reviews!

“Laura Preble (Gleegafex Records) offers a progressive style of AAA music in her debut Voices In My Head. I love a record that lacks predictability yet has spin potential with tracks “I Believe,” “Can’t Get Out,” and “Goodbye Song,” to name a few. Odd chord progressions accompanied by flute & piano accents make for a cross between Carlo King and Ricki Lee Jones with vocal similarities to Anything But The Girl and Reba McEntire, if you can imagine.”Melyssa A. Harmon, senior editor, Get Fancy“Preble’s style is one of its own: kind of Bonnie Raitt meets Sarah McLaughlin…Preble’s voice is strong and striking; her provacative lyrics deal sensitively with the topics of human relationships, letting go and getting on with life, and the obsession of style over substance.”Tracy Page, SLAMM Aug 12 1998I Believe is pretty much perfect…Preble is a serious contender”Karla Peterson, San Diego Union-Tribune“Preble…deserves hour of airplay…”San Diego Union-Tribune“Last night I caught myself humming a tune from the CD. I guess the voices are in my head, too.”Kendall Klug, Visions Magazine, Sept. 1998“Preble writes about people and relationships with humor and sensitivity, and her singing is reminiscent of Sarah McLaughlin but with a distinctive style that’s all her own. The instrumental mix backing up the vocals is equally distinctive. How many popular songs frequently heard on the radio have a clarinet solo in the middle?”Pam Stevens, Mira Mesa Sentinel, Oct. 22nd, 1998

Photo: Laura, Chris and engineer Darryll Harvey in the studio, recording Voices in My Head.